Oil, evolution of the price

Here you can follow the evolution of the brent oil price in euros. We will update the graph frequently.



oil price evolution in euros



The price of oil is usually given in dollars in most of the graphics, but for Europeans and increasingly around the world, the evolution of the price of oil in euros may be important, since the fluctuations in the dollar-euro ratio have offset part of the movements in the price of oil in recent years.

You can also follow this graphic at http://www.relatividad.org/ondas_elliott/petroleo.htm. On the other hand, to try to predict the price of oil, as for anything else, It is very difficult, but there are supply-demand studies that can be useful to make an approximation. In December 2010 we published a post with a analysis of supply and demand on oil
I think interesting. Soon we will translate this into different languages.




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